Special rates for Start up Airlines - all commercial and private aircraft covered

Avgen Direct Aircraft Insurance cover ...........


From commercial wide body jets to crop sprayers; fixed wing and rotors, Avgen has a policy for all types of aircraft, backed by quality security, excellent service and competitive premiums. A quotation individually tailored to suit your requirements will be offered promptly. The cover comprises

Aviation Hull All Risks Insurance

Essential cover that provides protection against all risks of physical loss or damage to the insured aircraft while on the ground, taxiing and in flight

War and other perils

This provides cover for losses caused by war, and similar actions - including riot, civil commotion and can extend to cover hijacking and acts of terrorism

Aircraft Liabilities Insurance

This cover includes general liability to third parties, in addition to passengers and/or cargoes carried. It provides cover for bodily injury and damage to property caused by operation of the aircraft 

Additional Insurance

Aircrew personal accident insurance; foreign object damage and deductible insurances are examples of  additional insurances Avgen provides. 

Our clients


Since 1998 Avgen has been providing assistance to all classes of aircraft owners and operators. Including regional airlines, air taxi operators, cargo carriers to flying acadamies and owners of light aircraft.



Our premiums are competitive.We regularly check rates available among the insurance markets in London, Paris and other centres of aviation insurance. Our clients benefit from the knowledge that their insurance premiums are fair

Premium payment plans


Ease your cash flow burden. Premium payment plans are readily available to allow payment monthly, quarterly or semi-annually.

Engine Breakdown


In addition to the essential Hull and Liabilities Cover, Avgen offers quotations for engine breakdown and foreign object damage.

Airport Operators Insurance


As an owner or operator of an airport, the exposure to liability claims is omnipresent. Damage to aircraft using the terminal, loss or damage to baggage or cargoes are examples of airport operators liability. Liability arising from Food and beverages sold or supplied is another. 



Ask for a no obligation quotation. There is no charge, nor any obligation, but we hope to provide ourselves worthy of your business by providing quotations that are comprehensive ins scope of cover and competitively priced.